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HSCC Falken Bago 150 Rally

Saturday 12th August 2023

Event Directors Overview of the event

The Hastings Valley Sporting Car Club have been running rallies on the mid North Coast since 1952 when the club was first formed and in the mid 70s we hosted the great Southern Cross rallies which produced many local teams to enter this iconic rally.

As president, and director of the first Bago 100 which then became the 150 I am very pleased to be involved once again in the Falken Tyres Bago 150 in association with AMSAG this year's event , It’s been very difficult with the conditions of the roads on the Mid North Coast to find the distances we needed to hold this event with trying to get the best road possible so as not to bust the cars and let me tell you it has not been easy.

But I believe the little event we have put together will be one of the best formats for this year. Four stages run twice with 136 klms competitive and approximately 178 klms Transport.

Many of you will remember the Old Highway stage, we are running quite a little bit different this year before heading onto Mulligans. Wow the roads are just so fantastic and I hope they are still in good condition by the time we run this event , Cold Knob for those of you who have competed on this stage. You’ll have not seen the road in better condition for many years, 30km stage finishing on Green Highway. A road we haven’t used since back in the Southern Cross days.

Then a quick fuel break on the transport down into the back of Coopernook Forest with a great mixture of great fast and some technical roads thrown in.

I believe, as the Event Director, this is the best event that myself, my assistant Bernie Keast and Michael Boaden (ex ARC champion) could come up with.

The work that Scott Keys, our Club Secretary and Justin Dorothy (Committee member) have done – I can’t thank them enough.

I would also like to thank Ben Farrawell from Subway at Port Macquarie for providing our Officials with their lunches on the day.

And a special mention to all the team involved.

To Michael and the committee of AMSAG I thank you for all your efforts and assistance in getting this event up and running again.

I believe it will be one of the best events in the future on the Mid North Coast.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all competitors and officials that are involved in this great event - the 2023 Falken Tyres Bago 150 Rally.

In closing, just remember that motorsport is dangerous, and you are in control of what happens so drive to the conditions. Stay safe and we will see you at the end of the event for the big party to celebrate to be held at the Royal Hotel Kew where I look forward to sharing a beer or two with all of the people involved.

Thanks again,


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